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The Church of the Virgin Mary Pilgrimage Church

Many pilgrims, tourists and art lovers regard Großgmain's pilgrimage church as one of the most important destinations on their visit to the Salzburg region. One of the oldest sites of pilgrimage in the area with a fine artistic legacy, the Church of the Virgin Mary in Großgmain has a particular religious as well as cultural charm. With its 1395 "Beautiful Madonna" and incredible Gothic panels dating back to 1499 by famous local painter, the "Master of Großgmain", the Church of the Virgin Mary is home to a number of artistic treasures to delight visitors.
Over the centuries, countless pilgrims have journeyed to the pilgrimage church in the shadow of the legendary Unterberg mountain to pray for blessing and succour. The subject of the two miracle panels from 1515 is the answering of prayer through Mary's intercession. The genuine miracle image of the "Beautiful Madonna" dating from around 1400 shows Mary with the Christ Child. The Großgmain Madonna has been venerated as having miraculous powers since the 15th century. Pilgrims to "The Church of Our Lady of Gmain" come in the hope that Mary cannot refuse any supplications. They express their conviction of faith in the famous prayer of St Bernard.