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Way of St James

through Salzburg (Pilgrims)


Part of Europe's most famous pilgrimage - the Jakobsweg, or Way of St James, which ends in Santiago de Compostela in Spain - also passes through the area of Salzburg and Southeast Bavaria.
These hectic times are sparking a renewed interest in the idea of pilgrimage. It is not always religious conviction that provides the main incentive for the journey. It is often the search for peace and drawing new strength that motivates lots of modern day pilgrims.
From Oberhofen at the border with Upper Austria and Salzburg, the trail goes through Salzburg's lake district to Eugendorf (the gateway to Salzburg) and continues via the most famous pilgrimage site, Maria Plain to Salzburg. It's always worth spending time in Mozart's birthplace. The climb up to the Mönchsberg mountain offers another view over the city before continuing via Leopoldskron and onwards to the Jakobskirche (Church of St James) in Gois. The route continues through Marzoll or Großgmain, the oldest pilgrimage site in the Salzburg area, dips into Germany and the charming Saalachtal valley, and then onto Unken and Lofer. This is the site of another beautiful place of pilgrimage, Maria Kirchental (Pinzgauer Dom - the Cathedral of Pinzgau), a popular destination for many groups of pilgrims from Salzburg and Bavaria. A walk over the Pass Strub mountain pass brings you over into the Tyrol.